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Guide to Berlin breweries: where to drink artisanal blondes

There Germany it is world famous for many things. But among these a leading role is certainly played by his great one beer culture. And no wonder then if the Germans they pride themselves on having excellent places to savor blondes of great level. Now, it must also be admitted that often walking around it can happen to enter places where more anonymous beers are served, of industrial quality but it is equally true that the breweries of Berlinespecially in recent years, they have focused on quality and on artisanal and niche products, declaring a tasty war on the presumption of Monk to be the capital of German beer. So here is a list of right addresses to taste a pint like a real Berliner.

A visit to the Zum Starken August it is an unexpected pleasure a Prenzlauer Berg. This place has been completely renovated to pay homage to the ancient ones circus origins of the owner. This can be seen in many details such as the old photos of the family circus that cover the wall leading to the bathroom and others pleasant extravagances.

People come here to sit on one of the comfortable sofas and watch one of the many eclectic shows ranging from more classical concerts to performances of burlesque and, on Saturday, a not better clarified “karaoke porn“. Zum Starken August delivers six craft beers on tap and has over twenty different types of bottled craft beers to choose from.
Schönhauser At 56


Guide to Berlin Breweries: Blondes from all over the world

HOME is the place not to be missed when you are around Friedrichshain. This “global” brewery presents itself with refined interiors, wooden floors and exposed brick walls that will make you feel like in an old house and not in one of the busiest. Berlin breweries. The choice is wide also for the high standards of the local breweries with a choice that ranges from beyond thirty types of beers craft in bottles that arrive from all over the world and eight craft beers on tap.

This is the place if you can’t live without taking one Yeastie Boys produced in New Zeland or one Little Creatures which comes from Australia. In addition to the offer in the glass, it is worthwhile to come for themed evenings such as those dedicated to quizzes (but you need excellent German) or dancing night which takes place on the first weekend of each month. Check the club’s website for the theme of the party where you can come after spending the afternoon admiring the great and splendid museums of the city.
Neue Bahnhof Str. 23


Three friends and a beer

There Vagabund Brauerei was born when three American friends discovered how beer is made. This tiny space-occupying micro-brewery is tucked away on a quiet street in Weddingnear the U6 station of Seestrasseand it’s the perfect place to enjoy a craft beer and chat with one of the founders, who usually take turns behind the counter.

Vagabund produces only in small batches, which not only ensures the quality and taste of the beer itself, but also allows creativity to be unleashed by creating experimental beers. Among those to try are theAmerican Pale Ale Vagabundone IPA very intense and a smoked beer called Social Smoker. Due to the small quantities produced, the available beers rotate quite frequently and for the more curious you can also check the Facebook page to see what’s available that week. And even for Berlin’s breweries this is really an oddity. In addition to the own brewed beers there are also beers from other local and foreign brands
Antwerpener Str. 3


A journey through Berlin’s breweries: coffee first

To the Kaschk you come when you want to taste a coffee in all calm or one craft beer. The atmosphere is characterized by the modern design with Scandinavian style and attracts many aficionados who look for predominantly Nordic and German craft beers, quality coffees and local baked goods here. It is located in a very modern black building in the heart of Mitteoutside the U-bahn station in Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse. In principle, you drink coffee until 6pm, then you switch to beers. But the separation is not so clear-cut. A curiosity: on the lower floor we play Shuffleboard, a table game of Anglo-Saxon origin which in this version is rather particular because it is played by tasting beers for tasting.
Linienstrasse 40

If you are looking for a special place to linger, even longer than you expected, the Monterey Bar to Prenzlauerberg is the address for you. The owners Adie And Vanessa have opened their restaurant dedicated to the cult of Rock’n Roll in 2013 and are clearly proud to have managed to combine their great passions – music and beer – creating a welcoming place where everyone feels welcome. The offer is wide, there are about 150 beer labels from all over the world and this eclectic style is found in music ranging from 70s rock to the latest metal. Those who love to drink even stronger here know that you can also range from a wide choice of quality whiskey.
Danzigerstr. 61

berlin breweries

Berlin breweries: spoiled for choice

The microbrewery Brauerei Eschenbräu is an institution in the area of Wedding since 2001 and since then it has been offering, in rotation, the beauty of twenty-one different beers, some of which are seasonal only. This is a particular kind of place where no one will be surprised if you take you from home food with which to accompany a glass of Alt Berliner Dunkel. And the waiters will provide you with plates and cutlery without any problems. It is located near Leopold Platz (U9, U6) in the basement of a student dormitory and also for this reason theEschenbrau it can be a bit difficult to find, especially in winter when the beer garden exterior is closed.

However, on a cold night winter this is the friendliest place to go, because the bar is warm and full of life while in the summer the courtyard transforms into a large and noisy garden of beer pleasures as is certainly not uncommon when it comes to Berlin breweries.
Triftstraße 67

The Berlin breweries

Fourteen beers to choose from

In the center of Wrangelkiez, Hopfenreich since 2014, when it opened, it prides itself on being a place of choice for those who want to have a drink good beer every day and not just on special occasions. For this it offers no less than 14 types of craft beers which reach up to 22 in some days, ranging between the various genres as you can easily discover by looking at the blackboards behind the counter.

To get to this relatively quiet corner of the neighborhood of Berlin of Kreuzberg, just get on the underground line U1 and get off at Schlesiches Tor. The service is smiling, the atmosphere very particular, without fuss and the prices pleasantly low and you can also eat dishes that come from the kitchen where, it is said, you feel a Hungarian influence. For those who want to learn, the enthusiastic owners also organize tastings and small visits to the neighborhood.
Sorauer Straße 31

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