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The beaches of Santorini: the white one, the red one and the others

Santorini it’s unique. Because there is probably no such small and so famous island in the world. And that manages to combine charm and entertainment, history and myth, nature and elegance in a few square kilometres. Thus, it is no coincidence that hundreds of thousands of people arrive here every year from all over the planet in search of the emotion that a sunset on the caldera can give. But not only that: because here we are in the Cyclades And the sea it is an integral part of life. And the sea, inevitably, means beaches. Yes, but also the beaches of Santorini are different from those of neighboring islands.

With a special character that comes fromvolcanic origin of the island and that makes it if you are looking for long stretches of soft white sand you will be disappointed. To get those you will have to go to Milos oa Serifos – just to talk about the closest ones. But if you want instead unique landscapesglimpses of colors that exist only here, sheer cliffs and also, why not, a good wine, then you are in the right place. And the beaches of Santorini will remain in your heart.

The beaches of Santorini: the daughters of the volcano

The beaches of Santorini are very different from other beaches in the Greece: here they are volcanic pebbles red or black and it is a common experience to take one white stone from the beach to throw it into the sea. Discovering that it then floats (it’s not magic. It’s just pumice stone).

This is the fruit of volcanic eruptions which have given life to a very particular coast. The most famous of these beaches is the Red beach which is located not far from that call Whitea short distance from Akrotirion the southern coast of the island. Different, characterized by gray and black sand and dark stones are those of Kamari, Monolithos, Perissa And Perivolos, found along the east coast. Other beaches, such as Armenians, Ammoudi, Baxedes, Paradissos And Vourvoulos are good for those seeking relaxation and blue sea for swimming under the warm sun ofAegean.

There Red beach, we said it, is the most famous of the beaches of Santorini. It is located a short distance from the archaeological site of Akrotiri which must definitely be visited. The Red Beach it’s beautiful but it’s not big. This makes it seem perpetually too crowded and there are many who choose not to even go down to get their feet wet and limit themselves to admiring it from above, enjoying the colors for the proverbial souvenir selfie.

It can be reached easily by leaving the car or scooter in the parking lot above and walking down for a couple of minutes. That is perhaps the best moment: going down you are overwhelmed by many colors of the cliff that opposes the blue of the sea. The beach is equipped and given the small size, the sunbeds reach the edge of the waves. Once placed comfortably do not miss the opportunity to do snorkeling: the rocky bottom has its own particular charm.

beaches of Santorini

The beaches beyond the caldera

Continuing our tour of the beaches of Santorini we arrive at Perissa. This locality is located about 15 kilometers from Fira and extends for a long stretch of coast. However, if you are looking for an isolated place, don’t come here: this part of the island has developed a lot as an alternative, a little less expensive, to the towns clinging to the caldera and here the high season starts very early. And it ends late. In the village they are found hotels for all tastes and for all budgets, tavernas, cafes and assorted establishments.

From Perissaa small path climbs the mountain and leads to the ruins of the ancient one Thera. The excursions can be done on foot or on donkeys. But we are talking about the beach which has common characteristics along its entire length with black sand, crystal clear waters and various equipped areas. The highlight of the beach is the huge rock called Mesa Vouno that comes out of the sea and that leaves you speechless on full moon nights.

The beaches of Santorini: black sand

Following the coast you arrive Kamari10 km southeast of Fira. The landscape is similar to that of Perissa since the two beaches are separated only by big rock coming out of the blue. The beach is made up of black sand and offers services for those who want to be comfortable. A tip: if you don’t want to lose your hearing, avoid the northernmost part, the one near the airport. Takeoffs and landings are continuous and you might start to hate planes. On seafront there are the usual string of hotels and taverns average level and the crowd is guaranteed. But the prices are at least much lower. From here some caiques depart that lead to the island of Anafi.

Just three kilometers from Perissa is the beach of Perivolos, at the southern end of the island. The beach offers beautiful azure waters but also numerous taverns, pubs and restaurants quite touristic. To get here from Perissa there are buses and taxis but those who love walking can also choose the path that passes through the countryside. Perivolos is definitely one of more organized beaches from Santorini with dozens of water sports facilities.

The beach of Monolithos it is quite close to the beach Kamariin the area near theSantorini airport. It is quite popular with the locals and mostly attracts the families who appreciate the long stretch of black sand with shallow waters, well organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. We were talking about families and so this is the beach for those traveling with children also because there is one play area with sports fields past the row of hotels and restaurants. To have shade, in addition to umbrellas, there are also plants where many people go to sleep.

Black stones and white cliff

A place apart has conquered the beaches of Santorini white beachwhich is right next to the red beach, on the southern side of Santorini. It is very similar to the nearby one since they are also found here black pebbles on the shore but the name derives from the fact that the cliffs surrounding are white. This beach can be reached by boat or on foot from the Red beach and there are some sunbeds and umbrellas but the shade is also provided by the rocks above it. Consider that although less congested than the Red one, it is still a very popular destination. Finally we conclude our journey through the beaches of Santorini arriving at Agios Georgios.

It is a very popular area with numerous accommodations even at medium-low prices and the beach is fully equipped for those who want to jet-ski, windsurf, pedal boat. In the end, however, after so much sea, you climb the caldera. And enjoy the sun sinking into the Aegean. Then you will understand why the gods were born here.

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