Le spiagge dell’isola di Naxos:

The most beautiful beaches on the island of Naxos in the Cyclades

It’s great, ha transparent sea and a friendly coast, where the blue slowly degrades. It is no coincidence that tourists love it so much. AND’ Naxosthe largest of the Cyclades, the island of myth (here they would have grown Zeus And Dionysus) and long beaches. Here there are huge expanses of sand with the first place Plaka, the longest, overlooking the western side of the island where stretches of almost Caribbean shoreline follow one another but also, for those who wish, full of life and receptive spaces. Other beautiful beaches on the island of Naxos are those of Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Orkos And Mikri Vigla; in general it can be said that the western side is the most developed part with comfortable and always fascinating beaches while the eastern coast is wilder, with bays often beaten by the wind. As it often happens in Greece.

The beaches of the island of Naxos: we start from Aghia Ana and Plaka

The beach of Agia Anna it is located approx seven kilometers from the capital. In reality, here there is a long series of beaches that follow one after the other, interrupted only by a small one fishing port and some rock formations. Some parts of the beach are organized while other sections are perfect for those seeking more tranquility but in all cases the turquoise waters they form, with the soft golden sand, the classic picture that we dream of every time we think of the Greek coasts. The beach of Agia Anna can be reached by bus and the village on the shore offers numerous hotels, rooms for rent and a wide choice of taverns and bars also open in the evening.

Continuing on the same coast you get to Plaka, one of the most beautiful areas and the longest of the island’s beaches. Here, too, is a pleasant one light sand and only every now and then flat stones protrude which then vanish in theblue water. At the beginning of the beach they can be found sunbeds and umbrellas but luckily it is enough to continue a little to enjoy the beauty of nature without too many structures. Some hotels, restaurants and cafes are located behind the sand dunes behind the beach as is often the case in Cyclades.

The beaches of the island of Naxos:

Long strips of sand and water perfect for swimming

Agios Prokopios is another place much loved by tourists and the reason is easy to understand: it is located just five kilometers from the capital and is very beautiful, even for the high standards of the beaches of the island of Naxos. The long one strip of sand stretches for over a kilometer, the water is calm and transparent and is protected from the winds coming from the north.

Part of the beach is organized and offers sunbeds, umbrellas and the possibility of renting sports equipment such as canoes while the other part is left to its natural beauty, fortunately untouched. It only takes a few steps to get to sandy dunes that arise inside and a little further away has developed small village with several hotels, restaurants and bars that can also be reached comfortably by bus.

The beaches of the island of Naxos:

The beaches of the island of Naxos: the bays for surfing

Even the beach of Mikri Vigla it is a place full of charm thanks to its particular conformation. It is located approx 18 km from the capital and, in practice, it is formed by two strips of sand separated by the sudden rise of a hill. They are close: but they are very different. The northern one is very beautiful, with turquoise water and golden sand but this beauty is to be shared with the meltemi, the north wind. As a result, fans of windsurfing and kite who also find specialized centers for the rental of boards.

The one further south, on the other hand, is protected from the wind and is therefore preferred by the lazy and by families who can also count on two taverns and some accommodations within walking distance. Among the places to eat there Kontos tavern it is an address that never disappoints. One end of this beach is also called Sahara: you don’t care about the name and remember that the extreme corner of the beach is always protected from the wind and is the right place to do snorkeling.

Undecided between snorkeling and windsurfing?

Wandering among the beaches of the island of Naxos, continuing further Plaka, you get to Orkos. Here we are not faced with a long placid expanse but rather a series of coves that follow one another with a charm made particular by the contrast between theblue water and the red color of the hills behind the sand. Behind the beach there are more or less cultivated fields where donkeys bray and where the sun pounds during the day. In short, it is a fairly isolated, quiet beach, without sunbeds or umbrellas even if you just need to move not too much to return to Mikri Vigla which offers infrastructure for tourists. The fact that here often enough wind blows makes it a suitable place for those who love the windsurfing.

The beaches of the island of Naxos:

The beaches of the island of Naxos: away from the crowds in Aliko

Aliko it is a very nice beach, on the southwestern side of the island as well fifteen kilometers from the capital. To get there, go further Kastraki and Glyfada and in the end you find yourself in a quiet area, away from the busiest places on the island. This area is striking for the presence of small bays with soft white sand and crystal clear water while the shade is guaranteed by the tamarisk trees which fortunately replace the umbrellas (which are not here). Above the Aliko beach, there is a cedar forest that reach up to the sand dunes and this union forms an exotic landscape that is not expected. To get here there is a bus that leaves from the port of Naxos six times a day in high season.

If you are looking for umbrellas and services such as bars and taverns you can reach Pyrgaki which combines tourist services with a beautiful light sand. It is found at south of Chora, about 18 kilometers away and is often hit by the wind: this makes the heat more bearable and attracts windsurfers. Around there are then patches of trees very suggestive and the water is shallow and pleasant even for children.

Agiassos, transparent water between green hills

The little ones will also be happy to Agiassosthe furthest of the beaches of the island of Naxos. It is located over 21 kilometers from the capital and is surrounded by green hills that protect it from the wind and then reflected in the transparent water. The peaceful natural setting and the taverns serving good traditional dishes make Agiassos a lovely place to visit. There are very few accommodations along this long bay, which is also a ideal place for snorkeling thanks to the great visibility in the water.

The beaches of the island of Naxos:

Finally, our guide to the beaches of the island of Naxos takes us to Lagoon. The name is not accidental: the rounded shape is reminiscent of a lagoon and the bottom of the water is very low: only one meter deep. But all this, coupled with the insistence of the meltemi, makes it a perfect place to stay windsurfing and kitesurfing and a perfect space also for beginners that thanks to a reef that separates the lagoon in two parts offers beautiful waves for jumps. There are a few rental and learning centers in the area and the other advantage is that Laguna is located asoils 5 minutes walk from Agios Georgios beach and a 15 minute walk from the capital.

How to get to Naxos

Thanks to its central location in the Cyclades, it is easy to reach Naxos from Athens and from the other islands. There are daily flights and ferries to Naxos from Athens, while there are connections with the ferries with the neighboring islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Amorgos and Koufonisia. All ‘Naxos airport There are daily flights from Athens: the flight lasts 35 minutes.

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