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The beaches of Jamaica: where to see the most beautiful sea and places not to be missed

There Jamaica has many symbols: the reggae musichis master Bob Marleythe bullet men racing against records, coffee Blue Mountain and, of course, his sea ​​and its beaches. And it is absolutely normal that this is the case since this island of Caribbean boasts beyond 900 kilometers of coastline ranging from long stretches of golden sand, such as a Negril, to more secluded bays, no less beautiful but less cheeky, surrounded by rocks and some cliffs. Here is a small guide of the most beautiful and unmissable beaches of Jamaica. They are different but each one is special. And it’s easy to leave our hearts.

The most beautiful beaches of Jamaica: the famous Negril

One of the most famous beaches in Jamaica is that of Negril, also called Seven Mile Beach. It is long – hence the name – and is made particular by the expanse of White sand where every night moreover they go on stage postcard sunsets. It is located on the west coast and is often crowded as many resorts and hotels are built right back from the shoreline. Tourists can then count on a wide choice of shops and facilities in the surrounding area water sports rental as well as clubs and restaurants. On the other hand, a trip to Jamaica would not be complete without a feast of Jamaican chicken (the famous Jerk Chicken) by the sea under the canopy of one of the many cafes surrounded by greenery.

beaches of Jamaica

Doctor’s Beach. And of the tourists

The tour of the beaches of Jamaica leads straight to the Doctor’s Cave Beachh, the perfect destination for those who want to bask in the sun, on the golden beach with only the breaking of the waves in the background. Doctor’s Cave Beach it is found at Montego Bay and has the charm of a perfect climate and a lot of tranquillity. The name comes from an English doctor, Sir Herbert Barkerwho discovered it in the 1920s: since then it has developed relentlessly with many hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops within walking distance of the calm sea.

Compared to other places there are rules that prevent being knocked out by reggae shot at crazy volume but obviously there are modern facilities, with changing rooms, deck chairs and umbrellas. Plus it’s a perfect place to enjoy a ride on one of the glass bottom boats which allow you to explore the rich sea ​​life and the coral walls in the area. Montego Bay attracts a wealthy audience who adore i resort with villas overlooking the sea. The ocean is right outside your window.

Those movie beaches: the home of 007

Jamaica’s beaches often appear in movies. And it’s easy to see why. Among the most famous there is James Bond Beachto Oracabessaon the north coast of Jamaica, on a small peninsula about 10 miles from Ocho Rios. Ian Flemingthe father of the spy with a license to kill and love, lived right in the area of Oracabessa but not only: some scenes from the film in which James Bond fights the terrible doctor No were filmed on this very beach. Cinema and music: every year, many concerts and parties are organized on the beach and the most famous, Beach Jouvert, takes place during the carnival period in Jamaica.

beaches of Jamaica

If you think of a bay full of blood, you certainly don’t want to leave. But in this case you are wrong. While the name of Bloody Bay this destination does not attract, it is instead very charming, a pleasant refuge among the most populated Jamaican beaches. Here are private areas, owned by luxury resorts as the Grand Lido Negril Resort & Spa but also long public stretches with lots of barbeques available. Bloody Bay it is about ten kilometers from the center of Negril and a ten minute drive from Montego Bay and was discovered by hippies in the 60s. Today it attracts vacationers looking for a perfect place to relax and sunbathe but also a stretch of sea suitable for snorkeling around the coral reef.

Corals and underwater life for everyone

If you want one of Jamaica’s less crowded beaches don’t come here. Ocho Rios Bay Beach in fact it is a short distance from the port where the boats dock cruise ships and it is therefore easy to see the masses of tourists who crowd it to at least be able to dip their feet in the blue sea of ​​Jamaica previously seen only from the porthole. The water of this beach is crystal clear, le shades of blue are wasted and is also suitable for not so experienced swimmers. Its extension is certainly not huge but it is also convenient because restaurants and shops are nearby and are organized excursions both with kayaks or swimming to admire what happens on the bottom. A curiosity: come early in the morning and you will be amazed by the amount of shells in the sand.

beaches of Jamaica

Not all beaches in Jamaica have them golden sand: for example the famous beach of hellshirenear the capital Kingston, it is a favorite destination among locals and vacationers. But it has the black sand. A stark contrast with the blue of the waves that stand out even more against the seabed Blue Mountains, in the distance. This stretch of coast is popular for its festivals, as well as the outdoor concerts while the best hotels are a few kilometers away and can be reached by shuttle bus.

Still not far from Kingston and its bustling suburbs, Lime Cay offers the perfect escape from the heat and hassle of the city. Located at ten minutes by boat from the coast it’s a splendid one coral islet with lush tropical vegetation but also one of the most beautiful sandy sides in the country. There is everything you could dream of: but there are no clubs. Therefore bring your own food and drink.

beaches of Jamaica

A treasure for those who want to avoid the crowds

If you want to broaden your exploration of Jamaica’s most beautiful beaches, don’t overlook the choice of going to the southern coast, about an hour and a half from Negril, where is it Treasure Beach, a destination loved by those looking for a space not contaminated by too many crowds. The nine kilometers of this coast alternate long stretches of sand to rocky stretches with splendid views and unique panoramas. Perfect coves are found here for stroll, taste the fruit and watch the fishermen in their boats in the distance. Treasure Beach is still a relaxed area, with small spartan places to eat classic local chicken but there are also accommodation options on the beach. And some are downright luxurious.

beaches of Jamaica

The list of must-see beaches in Jamaica certainly includes Winnifred Beach that appeals to those who want calm water and large areas to devote themselves to snorkeling. It is located not far from Port Antonio and is, for many, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The sand is surrounded by rows of trees, so there is plenty of shade and the nature around is still untouched. And here you can go on exciting trips such as those at horse along the coast. This stretch of coast is completely public and for this reason it is very frequented by the local people, especially on weekends. However, there are also hotels, such as the Tropical Lagoon Resortlocated within walking distance of the beach which attracts the European holiday crowd.

And finally the beaches for those who ride the waves

We conclude our journey through the beaches of Jamaica by going on Oriental Coast where they are often found big waves. And it is no coincidence that this is one of the areas loved by surfers who meet at Boston Bay Beach. It is located near Port Antonio and is considered by the usual know-it-alls to be the place where la was born real jamaican cuisine. Perhaps for this reason, in addition to the blue waters and the waves to try the perfect surf, there are some of the best places to eat on the beach. If you are an experienced surfer remember that the best time of year is between June and July or November and December while if you are an amateur you can also take lessons on site. The rest of the menu is classic: sun, sea, music and smiles. In short, Jamaica.

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