arcipelago di Fourni in Grecia

The Fourni archipelago in Greece: the small ones of the Eastern Aegean

Emerald water, mills, mulberry trees and the memory of when pirates lived here. If you wanted to sketch an identikit of thearchipelago of Fourni in Greece it is from these details that one could start. Yes, because this group of islands – that together Chios, Ikaria, Lesvos and Samos – unite under the name of islands of the eastern Aegean – it is a miniature microcosm that still seems quite far from the world today, where the rhythm of life has not been infected by the frenzy. And Fourni appears to be an island far from the ordinary, remote from most of the others as well Aegean islands. Let alone from our cities sick with haste and stress.

But let’s start with some data: Fourni is one of the twelve islands that form a small archipelago made up of nine rocks and three larger islands that are Agios Minas, Fourni and Thymena. Fourni and Thymena are the only islands that are inhabited but also on this aspect it is necessary to clarify: those who reside here are in all 1450 people and well 1100 are located right on the island of Fourni while the closest large island is Ikaria.

The Fourni archipelago in Greece: small is beautiful

What makes the Fourni archipelago in Greece so special is the small size of the island, the natural charm and the very sociable and smiling character of its inhabitants. Here it is still normal to greet people you meet with a smile and after a few days you have the feeling that you have always been around here.

The island is quite barren but the landscape is beautiful and can appeal to those who love walking also to reach the beaches. In short, Fourni is an ideal island for those who are looking for peace and tranquility, who love the outdoor lifewho appreciate good food in taverns no frills but welcoming and who prefer days, and especially quiet evenings, rather than a noisy social life.

Many inhabitants still are fishermen and this explains why the fishing fleet is unusually large for such a small island. The caught fish is sent to the mainland, especially to Athens, but of course a part of what has ended up on the net remains here in Fourni. So if you like it the fish and fresh seafood you have definitely come to the right island.

This obviously does not mean that the Fourni archipelago in Greece has not known a development and growth of tourism: here too there has been an increase in the number of arrivals recently, some islanders have changed professions and opened bed and breakfast and pensions and the fish nets were placed in the cellar. But it will take a long time before that tourism development it becomes annoying because this type of activity here is still little more than an embryonic stage. And the Greek style of healthy daily life resists and does not scratch.

Fourni archipelago in Greece

The Fourni archipelago in Greece: the villages

The settlement of Kambos and the capital of Fourni and is located on the west coast of the island. It is a very traditional village with low houses, cobbled alleys and scattered trees that stretches around the picturesque harbor located in the center of a bay. Village life has its heart in the main square with a large one in the center that guarantees a splash of shade while the pampering for the throat arrives in the numerous taverns on the sea where you can taste the fish landed from the boats of the local fishing flotilla.

The village of Kambi it is roughly a kilometer away and to reach it you just touch it three windmills before arriving at the bay of the same name which is one of the favorite mooring places for those arriving by boat. Finally there is Chrisomilia, a small settlement located on the north coast of the island. It is still a fishing village and has some in the surrounding area beautiful beaches. To reach it you can follow the road but perhaps it is better to take a boat and enjoy the view.

The quarries from where the ancient cities were born

One thing to see while on holiday in the Fourni archipelago in Greece is the ancient one Petrokopio quarry which is located on the west coast of the island. The marble quarries of Petrokopio were used in ancient times to procure the material for the statues and the palaces of many Greek cities in the Mediterranean, especially the ancient one Miletus. The excavations have brought to light the traces of the ancient quarry and the signs of the work of man and just above the beach you can still admire fragments ready to be sculpted and remnants of the cutting of the blocks. This detail makes the beach a place not to be missed: the white pebbles in fact make a splendid contrast with the blue sea.

The island of Thymena is an island that you absolutely must see during a trip to the archipelago of Fourni in Greece also because it is located right in front of Fourni. The life of the island is concentrated only in the settlement of the island where one cannot fail to visit the church of Agios Dimitriosfrom which you have a panoramic view of the surrounding areas and the beautiful beach of Keramidou. Then, an obligatory stop, in the tavernas by the sea. The transport service is guaranteed by the boats that depart from the port of Fourni

Fourni archipelago in Greece

The Fourni archipelago in Greece: the beaches

The beaches are beautiful and are largely formed by pebbles mixed with sand. Some are far – so to speak, given the size of the island – from the capital and for this you need to feel like walking or renting a scooter.
The beach of Kassidi it is one of the most beautiful in the Fourni archipelago in Greece and is located six kilometers southwest of the capital. Around it has rugged rocks and one in front beautiful blue sea that invites you to dive.

There is sand on the shore but there are rocks under the water and it is better to use shoes. The surrounding area is barren but not far away there are some houses with rooms for rent. Kassidi it is protected from the winds and the sea is usually quite calm. It can be reached by a dirt road and not far away is the other beach of Agios Ioanniswhich occupies the southernmost point of the island of Fourni.

The beach of Petrokopio, which we talked about before is definitely beautiful but like most of the coasts of this island there are no tourist services. It can be reached by motorbike or car but there is also a service of taxi boat from the port.

Fourni archipelago in Greece

A perfect beach for swimming

Among the beaches of the island of Fourni one cannot fail to mention the beach of Bali, one of the best places for a refreshing swim. Bali is located a short distance from the capital and boasts a beautiful location at the foot of the rocks and an expanse of shallow and calm water, suitable for everyone. There are small boats that connect Bali to the capital but you can also get there by scooter. There are no tourist facilities but some trees along the shore offer shade for those who fear getting burned.

Chrissomilia is the second settlement of Fourni and is located 15 km northeast of the main city. It is built like an amphitheater on the slopes of a hill that offers extraordinary views of the Aegean Sea. Most of the buildings in Chrissomilia are actually rooms for rent and there are and a few tavernas along the beach which is long and sandy, a great place to relax, totally secluded from the main village and port. Few trees are lined up behind the sand and guarantee some coolness. Near Chrissomilia there is another beautiful beach which is called Agia Triada, with a couple of tavernas. It is possible to reach this place by scooter or with the usual boats that serve tourists.

Lying on the pebbles in the shade of the trees

Finally the beach of Kambione of the most beautiful and popular in the Fourni archipelago in Greece for its proximity to the capital of the island. It is located about one km from the town and can also be reached in walk in about 20 minutes. Near the beach there are several guest houses and rooms for rent and the usual trees provide shade on the pebble beach. It is a nice place to lie down, swim and relax.

Fourni archipelago in Greece

South of Kambi there are several beaches, almost deserted. The reason is that they are not within walking distance and are less impressive. But the views around are very beautiful and the water is just amazing. hiking. Psili Amos – about a kilometer north of the capital Fourni – it is the only beach where it is possible rent sunbeds. There is no tavern but there is a small snack bar to have a drink.

The Fourni archipelago in Greece: how to get there

The fastest method is to get to Samos or Ikaria with a flight from Athens. However there are also ferries that depart from Piraeus. Then there are summer connections that go both in the direction of Patmos continuing for the Dodecanese towards Lipsi, Leros And Kos

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